Simplicity is what we strive for with our on-line registration platform. From start to finish your
participants will find the signup process to be quick and easy. From your standpoint, you will never
want to use another system. We take all the work out of it for you from setup to our custom reports
including detailed finance tracking. Our registration landing page can also serve as your website if you
do not have one. Additionally, when you use our registration platform you have access to the following

Custom Email

Race results can be sent directly to athletes via customized email messages. The emails are sent as soon as we validate the race results. Each email message contains personalized results along with a link to the overall results.

Facebook Integration

Race results can be posted directly to Facebook along with a custom message. We do not post automatically. Rather, we provide a link that someone can click if they want to share their results with their friends.

Finisher Certificates

Custom finisher certificates are generated for everyone who finishes an event. The certificate can be fully customized to match the look and feel of your event.

Athlete Tracking

We can provide an email or text when an athlete crosses split points or when they finish. We can also provide the ability to track athletes on a moving google maps.

Text Messaging

If a cellphone number is provided, race results can be sent via text messaging. Tracking alerts can also be sent via text.

Electronic Race Day Registrations


We used the iResults system to allow participants to register electronically. This greatly reduces the need for registration volunteers. This system is similar to an airport kiosk. The participant enters their own data then pays using cash, check or a swipe of a credit or debit card. The system works with or without an internet connection and accommodates automatic (or dynamic) bib assignments. When the participant completes the transaction they get a printed receipt. Then then participant’s data is transferred directly to our timing software. This speeds up the race registration process and eliminates possible typos that sometimes occur when information is transferred from a printed entry-form.